How I can help 

Planning, organising and creating content that reflects your brand and that guides your customers for an improved user experience.

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Start making deeper connections with your audience and reach your communication goals. I can help you write blogs, articles and other messaging. Get a quote.

An interactive, half-day workshop giving you insights into your business and customers. Begin your brand journey here.
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Find your brand voice and feel empowered to create valuable content for your business, that is engaging, encourages interactions and builds loyalty.  

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I collaborate with developers, designers, and agencies. Working together we can effectively complete website projects and create more enjoyable user experiences.

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Like people, every brand is different. Align your brand by sharpening your appeal and strategy according to your natural abilities.

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I apply my knowledge gained from working with a diverse mix of businesses to create better online experiences.


I care deeply about the customer journey. Both - your customer's journey with you, and your journey with Never Vanilla.


I'm passionate about learning and value collaboration. This fosters creative thinking, fresh ideas, understanding, and growth.


What my clients say

Caroline Profile 02.jpg

Caroline, Ki Creative

I trust Audrey implicitly to deliver an excellent content strategy and copywriting service for my clients' projects every time. I highly recommend Never Vanilla to assist any business to create their brand messaging and website content.

Working with Never Vanilla gave us a fresh perspective and insights into our vision and goals, where we want to position Reve Projects and how we can achieve this. I love their passion and energy in everything they do - they work with intelligence and integrity.


Audrey developed content and a new website for our social enterprise division. Her precise content writing skills have brought forth the best of our community based products. We're excited about taking our next steps with Audrey!

Ben, Blendid

I've worked with Never Vanilla on branding and web-based projects, and they are simply brilliant. Their high quality strategic thinking and research-driven approach always yields a rich and easy to understand suite of material that makes my life very easy.