Why Finding Your 'IKIGAI' Is A Complete Game Changer

There are some things in life which we can endlessly work at, only to get little results. Yet, there are other things that come so naturally, as if we were born to do them. What if we were to find those things we were purposed for and do them for a living?

Just imagine, doing what you love, doing what you're good at, and getting paid for it. Every day.

Introducing Ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning 'reason for being'. It is essentially why you get up in the morning, embracing the idea that doing little things which give small joys everyday will result in a more fulfilling life as a whole.

Ikigai is a belief that we will live a purposeful life as a whole, by first focussing on the present and the small activities that spark joyful moments in our day. It is your life purpose on a macro level, and your reason for being on a micro level.

Ikigai is about feeling your work makes a difference in others' lives.

The formula seems simple enough - doing what you're passionate about and what you excel in, which happens to also be what people need in the world. Where there's a need, it can be monetised. In other words, people are willing to pay you for goods and services that they need.

Your Ikigai in business

Finding your Ikigai in business gives you direction and purpose to:

  • use your expertise

  • engage in your passion

  • make meaningful connections

  • fulfil the needs of a community, leading to your reason for being

4 steps to finding your Ikigai

  1. Think about what you really love doing. Start doing things you really enjoy. If doing those things every single day gives you joy - it could be your passion.

  2. Make sure it's also a strength and be relentless in becoming an absolute expert in it. Research, learn, practise, up-skill.

  3. Find how your passion and strength can relate to what society needs. How can it add value or provide a solution to an existing problem that people are facing?

  4. Start making meaningful connections with this group of people. Seek to build a community, by sharing your skills and knowledge. Monetise what you have to offer, create income.

Remember, your reason for being is life-long, we naturally evolve as time goes on. Have fun exploring your passions and finding your purpose. Most importantly, don't forget to do things every day that give you small joys - it's these that add up to a fulfilled life.

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