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80% of readers believe authentic content is the main factor

that will drive them to follow or engage with a brand.  - Pardot

Our goal is to empower you to create valuable content for your brand. Content that engages your customers, encourages interactions and builds loyalty. 

Our online workshop will give insights and a deeper understanding into your brand's purpose, identity and who your ideal customers are. 

This enables us to develop a brand voice that reflects your values, personality and what your business stands for. You'll be able to use your brand voice in all your communications to effectively connect with your customers, and nurture relationships for growth.

We establish 'content categories' based on what your customers really care about and value, but that also reflect who your business truly is. 

These content categories give you a pathway to creating topics for content that engages with your audience, driving conversion and loyalty.


Deliverables include:

  • Discovery Workshop - 2 hours online

  • Brand Values

  • Unique Selling Point - definition 

  • Brand Personality Results

  • Customer Personas (max 2)

  • Vocabulary Examples

  • Brand Messaging Examples

  • Content Categories

  • Brand Voice & Guidelines

  • Content Calendar Planner Advice

2-3 week delivery