Brand Personality

Each personality or archetype has its own strengths, weaknesses and characteristics.


Understanding which one you relate to will empower you to focus on your abilities and overcome your challenges while aligning your brand.

People are naturally attracted to other people who are similar to them. They also buy from brands they like and can relate to. 

My free Brand Personality Quiz helps you find out which personality your brand relates to. At the end of the quiz, you'll have the option to learn more about your brand archetype by purchasing one of our digital eGuides.

My Brand Archetype eGuides help you discover your brand personality and show you how to align your brand accordingly, using colours, imagery, typography, content, and tone.


Carl Jung & the 12 Archetypes

Everyone has their own unique personality and natural tendencies. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist developed a concept that there are 12 main personalities.